Referee Costume: The Basics

Creating your own choice of Referee Costume featured in virtually every sporting event in modern hostory, will be fun and iconic. The steps are simple, start with a base Referee set, add some sports accessories and you will be arguing with athletes and fans alike!

Primary costume items include your choice of a base male or female Referee set, shirt and hat option. Optional additional items include any other Referee attire.

Referee Character Costume: The Parts

Adult Referee Shirt And Hat.

Men’s Official Striped Referee/Umpire Jersey.

Referee Soccer Jersey Long Sleeves Yellow Red Green Blue Black.

Kwik Goal Premier Referee Long Sleeve Jersey.

Soccer Premium Referee 9 Piece Package (available in black, yellow, green, blue and red sets).

Referee Soccer Short Solid Black Pockets.

Stiping Referee Soccer Socks Black.

Women’s Official Striped Referee/Umpire Jersey.

Referee Shirt for Sports Bars with Collar & Zip Front.

Women’s Tank Top Referee Sports Bar Uniform Shirt.

Women’s Rowdy Referee.

Women’s Referee Mini-Skirt Set Costume.

Women’s 3 Piece Referee Costume Includes Whistle And Halter Dress.

Costumes Women’s Time Out!

Women’s No Rules Referee Set.

Women’s Halloween Referee Heels.

Women 3 Stripe Tube Dresses Over the Knee Tights High Stockings Sock.

Referee Character Costume: Accessories

Official Black with White Stripes Referee Cap.

Crown Sporting Goods Stainless Steel Coach Whistle with Lanyard.

Soccer Referee Flipping Coin.

Penalty Flag Party Accessory.

Challenge Flag Party Accessory.

Pro Line Duo Premium Rotating Soccer Referee Flags with Case.

Sports Eye Black Stickers with White Pencil.

Soccer Referee Timer Sports Match Game Wrist Watch Count Down.

Fox 40 Classic Official Finger Grip Whistle.

Crown Sporting Goods Dry Erase Soccer Coaching Clipboard.

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