Little Bo Peep Costume: The Basics

Creating your own choice of Little Bo Peep Costume from popular nursery rhyme will be fun and adorable. The steps are simple, start with a base Little Bo Peep set, add some lacy accessories and you will be the most adorable sheep herder of them all!

Primary costume items include your choice of a base Little Bo Peep option, dress and staff option. Optional additional items include any plush sheep.

Little Bo Peep Character Costume: The Parts

Full Figure Bo Peep Costume.

Deluxe Sexy Bo Peep, Adult Costume.

Sexy Little Bo Peep Costume.

Sexy Bo Peep Costume Blue.

Costume Adventure Women’s Little Bo Peep Costume.

Popcandy Little Bo Peep Sexy Adult Costume.

Adult Mistress Little Bo Peep Fairy Tale Costume.

Full Figure Bo Peep Costume.

Little Bo Peep Rebel Adult Costume.

Women’s Sexy Long Wavy Human Fashion Hairs Wigs.

Women’s Retro White Victorian Apron with Bib and Pockets.

White Bonnet Size Medium.

White Mob Cap Hat Mop Colonial Bonnet Pilgrim Adult Costume Accessory.

Costumes Rag Doll Bloomers.

Sheep and Crook Pewter 3/4″ Button.

Bo Peep Shepherd’s Crook.

Bo Peep Staff.

Little Bo Peep Staff with Bow.

Aurora World Miyoni Lovely Lamb 10″ Plush.

Aurora World Miyoni Ewe and Lamb Plush, 13.5″.

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