Minecraft Costume: The Basics

Creating your own Minecraft Character Costume from the Minecraft game, will be fun and iconic. The steps are simple, start with a base set, add some Minecraft accessories and you will have an awesome pixel costume!

Primary costume items include your choice of a base Minecraft Costume mask, and options of Minecraft Steve items, Minecraft Enderman items or Minecraft Creeper items. Optional additional items include the Minecraft game and other merchandise.

Minecraft Costume: The Parts

1. Minecraft Character Box Heads/Masks:

Minecraft Box Heads, Steve

Minecraft Box Heads, Enderman

Minecraft Box Heads, Creeper

2. Minecraft Steve Items:

Turquoise T-Shirt

Men’s Blue Jeans

Black Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Ox Sneakers

Minecraft Run Away Glow In The Dark Adult T-Shirt Vintage Coal

Minecraft Men’s Adventure Steve T-shirt

Jinx Official Licensed Minecraft Periodic Table Men’s T-shirt

3. Minecraft Enderman Items:

Black 2nd Skin Zentai Supersuit Costume

Black Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Ox Sneakers

Minecraft Enderman Inside T Shirt

Minecraft Enderman Zip Up Jacket Hoodie

4. Minecraft Creeper Items:

Minecraft Creeper Premium Zip-Up Green Jacket Hoodie

Minecraft Creeper Glow in the Dark T-Shirt, Black

Creeper Anatomy T-Shirt

Creepers Gonna Creep T-shirt

Minecraft Three Creeper Moon Men’s T-Shirt

Minecraft Creeper Beanie

Minecraft Creeper Scarf

Minecraft Socks 3 Pack

8-Bit Pixel Retro Novelty Gamer Geek Sunglasses Adult Size

Minecraft Creeper Pendant Necklace

Minecraft ThinkGeek Licensed Minecraft Creeper Backpack

4. Other Minecraft Costume Items

Minecraft Vintage Alex Women’s Short Sleeve Gray Tee Shirt

Minecraft Ocelot Kitten Women’s Short Sleeve Turquoise Heather Tee Shirt

Minecraft Diamond Pendant Necklace

Minecraft Diamond Earrings

Minecraft Diamond Premium Mens Hoodie

Minecraft Ironsword Belt

Minecraft Chest Wallet

Minecraft Weapons:

Minecraft Foam Sword & Pickaxe Combo

Minecraft Diamond Foam Sword & Pickaxe Combo

Minecraft Bow and Arrow

Minecraft Transforming Gold Sword/Pick Axe

Minecraft: Figures and Plushes

Minecraft Core Player Survival Pack Action Figure

Minecraft Animal Toy (6-Pack)

Minecraft Figure 4-pack Hostile Mobs Set

Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case

Minecraft Animal Plush Set of 4

Unknown Minecraft Plush Set of 4

Minecraft 12″ Medium Zombie Plush

Minecraft Creeper 7″ Plush

Minecraft Exploding Creeper 5″ Figure

Minecraft Enderman 7″ Plush

Minecraft Enderman Vinyl

Minecraft Diamond Steve 6″ Vinyl Figure

Minecraft: Building Blocks

Minecraft Jazwares Papercraft Grass Block

Minecraft Jazwares Papercraft Cobblestone Block

Minecraft Jazwares Papercraft Brick Block

Minecraft Jazwares Papercraft Farmland Block

Minecraft Jazwares Papercraft Wooden Plank Block

Minecraft Jazwares Papercraft Leaf Block

Minecraft Jazwares Papercraft Gravel Block

Minecraft: Accessories

Minecraft Officially Licensed Light-Up Torch and Diamond Ore Set

Minecraft Light Up Redstone Ore

Minecraft Jazwares Papercraft Oak Tree

Minecraft Periodic Table of Elements

Minecraft Crafting Table

Gameband for Minecraft

Minecraft for PC/Mac [Online Game Code]

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