The X-Men are one of the most popular subsets of Marvel Comics. Initially created by the dynamic duo Stand Lee and Jack Kirby, the series has been around since September 1963 with the release of the first X-Men issue number one. The original cast included popular characters like Angel aka Archangel, Beast, Iceman, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto. From these few the entire world of X-Men have been inspired. Led by founding member Professor X aka Professor Xavier born Charles Xavier, he is gifted with an extraordinary level of telepathy allowing him to read and control minds. Gathering the first few members of the X-Men force, he is responsible for the training of notable mutants, including Scott Summers or Cyclops, Jean Grey, Ororo Munroe or Storm and Logan or Wolverine. These characters have been portrayed for literally decades in comics, animated series and live-action movies. In the modern reboot and adaptation the films include X-Men: First Class circa 2011, X-Men: Days of Future Past circa 2014, and the upcoming film X-Men: Apocalypse circa 2016. As a series Marvel’s X-Men characters have each, individually been listed in virtually every compilation list of the best, most powerful and most popular comic book heroes and villains, some even being rated the most sexy. Choosing any X-Men character as a cosplay option will be a fun option that will be recognized in a variety of conventions and comic themed events.

As with any character that has been around as long as the Juggernaut, there will be multiple eras of costume to choose from. Below we have provided guides to both the classic and modern movie adaptations of the Juggernaut Costume.

Juggernaut Costume: The Basics

Clear Plastic Bowl.

Clear Plastic Bowl (for helmet).

Flat Brown Spray Paint.

Flat Brown Spray Paint.

Leather Shoulder Armor.

Juggernaut Costume Shoulder Armor.

Brown Gloves.

Juggernaut Costume Brown Gloves.

Brown Tank Top.

Juggernaut Costume Brown Tank Top.

Fake Abs.

Juggernaut Costume Fake Abs.

Brown Belt.

Juggernaut Costume Brown Belt.

Brown Jeans.

Juggernaut Costume Brown Jeans.

Brown Chest Armor.

Brown Chest Armor.

Brown Boots.

Brown Boots.

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