Haymitch Costume: The Basics

Creating your own Haymitch Costume from the Hunger Games movie series will be fun and wise! The steps are simple, start with a base Haymitch set, add some accessories and you will be ready to train the next generation of warriors.

Primary items include your choice of a base Haymitch set and accessories. Optional additional items include the Hunger Games movie and other merchandise!

Haymitch Character: The Parts

Men’s Fashion Handsome Medium Style Straight Wig.

Men’s Slim Fit Long Sleeve Button Down Dress Shirt, Light Beige.

Mens slim fit chain point 3 button vest, Tan.

Men’s Tan Dress Pants.

Bormioli Rocco Selecta 7-Piece Whiskey Gift Set.

Men’s One Button Suit.

The Hunger Games Movie Mockingjay Prop Rep Pin.

The Hunger Games Movie.

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