Cyborg Costume: The Basics

Creating your choice of Cyborg costume iterations from the animated Teen Titans show, to the Injustice fighting game, to the upcoming live action installment in the DC universe will be fun and iconic! The steps for this cosplay are a little complex, start with a base Cyborg option and build up from there. Add some football accessories, a sarcastic humor and an iconic jersey and you will be helping save the world from an assortment of villains!

Primary costume items depend on the version you want to pursue but primarily include his cybernetic enhanced body parts. Creating your own Cyborg costume is a little difficult. His costume is iconic in both its classic and modern adaptations in the DC Universe. Don’t forget that this would be a great couple’s cosplay if you include Bumblebee! Optional additional items include several choices of DC merchandise, you know for background research!

Cyborg Costume: The Basics

Victor”Vic”Stone cyborg Justice League a set of costume Cosplay Prop.

Rubie’s Costume Co Men’s Avengers 2 Age Of Ultron Adult Ultron Deluxe Latex Hands.

Miccostumes Men’s One Punch Man Genos Cosplay EVA Cyborg Arms.

Cyborg Costume: T-Shirt Options

JLA Men’s Cyborg DC Comics Superhero Justice League Costume Front-Print T-shirt.

Justice League Cyborg Costume Mens Slim Fit Shirt.

Cyborg — Teen Titans Go! All-Over Front Print Sports Fabric T-Shirt.

TANXJ Men’s Justice League Cyborg Logo T-shirt.

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