The film A Clockwork Orange took the world of cinema by storm after its release in 1971. Pioneering the genre of dystopian crime drama, it is perhaps best known for its graphic representations of gang violence, juvenile delinquency, questionable psychiatric practices and how this comments on the political and social atmosphere of this alternate version of a British future. Written, produced and directed by the renowned Stanley Kubrick, this movie set the bench mark for cult classic dystopian standards. With a budget of 2.2 million, this film brought in 22 million in box office sales, making it a highly successful title. Directly inspired by the novella sort with the same name by based Anthony Burgess, the movie was completed only mine years after the original publication.
Following the destructive actions of gang members, Georgie, Dim and Pete, and their leader Alex DeLarge. Engaging in sociopathic behavior and graphic rape while still taking the time to appreciate classical music are only a few of the reasons this film remains iconic to this day. The premise follows their gruesome exploits and the subsequent arrest and questionable rehabilitation using a fictional aversion therapy called the Ludovico technique. After returning to what was his life only to find things have drastically changed during his time in prison his limits are tested leading him to attempted suicide. Consequently this cures his aversion and the film brilliantly ends with Alex fantasizing about returning to his life of violence and crime.
One of the most talked about featured of this movie is perhaps the vernacular made up for the purposes of the characters and their alternate reality. There have literally been dictionaries written defining, categorizing and illustrating the proper use of the fictional words used by the main characters. Most of Alex’s more complex lines can be attributed to a fictional dialect called Nadsat, or pieces of slang typically used by adolescents that contains bits of  Slavic/Russian, and English mixed with  Cockney rhyming slang.This draws back to Anthony Burgess’s talent as a linguist, which is heavily evident in the initial A Clockwork Orange novella. Now, known as a successful polyglot, Burgess incorporated this speech complexity in an effort for his novel to not become immediately dated in relation to both his characters and their slang interactions. Needless to say, the massive success of the title goes to show that his efforts were not wasted.

Clockwork Orange Costume: The Basics

Creating A Clockwork Orange costume with not be very difficult, but will be very rewarding as the main character can be paired with any one of his “droogs” or fellow gang members to create a banging group or solo cosplay.

Primary costume items include a red wig, mascara/eye liner/false eyelashes, black bowler cap, white long sleeve jumpsuit (or white shirt and pants combination), white suspenders, black lace-up boots, black cane and last but certainly not least, cream colored cod piece (groin guard). Optional additional items include a black barret, black top hat, multicolored suspenders, fake blood, large rock-like penis (to carry) and a glass of white liquid.

Clockwork Orange Costume Alex

Clockwork Orange Costume Alex

Here is an explanation of all of the costume items piece by piece:

1. Black bowler hat: As iconic to the completed costume as the black lower eyelashes, gang leader, Alex DeLarge’s rounded bowler hat perfectly offsets his red hair and menacing blue eyes. Note that this can easily be substituted with the black top hat and black beret worn by two other of his droogs.

2. Black Liquid Eyeliner / black mascara / black false lashes: As seen in the original movie poster designed by Bill Gold with the completed work produced by Philip Castle.No even remotely actuate costume is complete without this seemingly simple but iconic touch of makeup to the leader of your group of droogs

3. White jumpsuit: This large piece of the costume is vital to any successful gang leader or droog. Whether you want to combine a while long sleeve button-up shirt with white work pants, or you want to go for a simple white jumpsuit, you must keep the color and textures consistent. Note: you need long white pants and the shirt must be button up with a collar.

4. White suspenders: While this little addition may be subtle, it will make all the difference in creating your own Clockwork Orange costume whether you want to go for a more leader style with Alex’s white set or a multicolor set seen in the rest of his droogs.

5. Black Lace-Up Boots: The plane black boots worn by both Alex and his droogs is an integral part of their outfits as they add a bit of a punk style to reinforce their general juvenile delinquency.

6. Cream Color Groin Protector: No clockwork orange costume is complete without this, literally. To protect your sensitive bits during those long nights of “ultra-violence” a cream color cod piece, groin protector or sports supporter is a must.

7. Black Cane: Complete the look as a potential home invader with this high-quality, Fritz handle black wooden cane. Perfect for bludgeoning unsuspecting homeowners as well as your fellow cronies.

8. Fake Blood: Spice up the costume with a bit of authentic fake blood.



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