Austin Powers Costume: The Basics

Creating your own Austin Powers Costume from the Austin Powers movie series, will be fun and sexy baby! Played by the comedic Mike Myers, he is the consummate British spy! The steps are simple, start with a base set, add some sexy accessories and you will be saving the world from Dr. Evil!

Primary costume items include your choice of a base Austin Powers Costume, brown wig, terrible teeth, black boots with heel and assortment of Austin Powers accessories. Optional additional items include the Austin Powers DVD Set and plush character

Austin Powers Costume: The Parts

1. Austin Powers Set Options:

Austin Powers Costume, Adult deluxe

Deluxe Mens Austin Powers Plus Size Costume

Disguise Austin Powers Carnaby Suit Deluxe

Mens Slim Fit Sport Coat Cocktail Party Velvet Blazer Suit Jacket

Slim Fit Velvet Pants, Wine Color

Colonial Jabot and Cuffs Costume

Men’s Austin Powers Classic Adult Costume Accessory Kit

Austin Powers Deluxe Accessories Kit

2. Austin Powers Wig and Glasses Options:

60s Swinger Deluxe Wig

Austin Powers Wayfarer Style Glasses W/ Free Eyewear Cord

3. Austin Powers Shoe Options:

Men’s Long Haul Boot

Men’s Halloween Pimp Shoes

4. Other Costume Add-Ons:

60s Style Male Gender Pendant Costume

Groovy Baby Teeth

Martini Glass w/ faux cocktail and olive

British Union Jack Country Flag

Men’s Self-Adhesive Hairy Chest Piece Costume Accessory

Austin Powers Costume: Accessories/h2>

12″ Austin Powers Plush Doll in Red Velvet

Fat Bastard Plush Toy from the Austin Powers Films

Austin Powers 3-Film Collection

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