Winifred Sanderson Costume: The Basics

Creating your own Winifred Sanderson Costume from the classic Halloween movie Hocus Pocus, will be fun and spooky. Played by one-of-a-kind Bette Midler, she is an iconic part of this cult classic movie!The steps are simple, start with a base set, add some witchy accessories and you will be kidnapping children to steal their youth by the light of the moon!

Primary costume items include your choice of a base purple and green renaissance-style gown, green cloak, bright orange wig, black witch boots, broom and halloween style jewelry. Optional additional items include the Hocus Pocus movie and other witchy items!

Winifred Sanderson Costume: The Parts

1. Purple and Green Witches Costume

1b. Deluxe Purple Renaissance Lady Costume

1c. 3 Hoops Ball Gown Underskirt

2. Bright Orange Wavy Wig (must style yourself)

2a. Orange Curly Wig (must style yourself)

3. Witch Cosplay Green Cloak

3a. Witch Cosplay Purple Cloak

4. Womens Lace Up Witch Shoes

4a. Women’s Witch Hazel Boot

Winifred Sanderson Costume: Accessories

Fake Large Front Teeth

Fake Buck Teeth

Witch Red Jewelry

Jewel Spider Necklace

Halloween Eye Necklace

36″ Witch Accessory Straw Broom

Heavy-Duty Wire Banded Warehouse Broom with Wood Handle

Black Witch Cauldron

Hocus Pocus Accessories

Hocus Pocus Movie

Seasons Mist Maker

Super Stretchy Halloween Spider Web

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