Gravity Falls is the title of a hit animated series created by award winning animator Alex Hirsch for the Disney channel. Since it’s airing in Summer 2012 the show has won the teen choice award for animated TV show, best main title theme music, outstanding individual achievement in animation, and best animated production for a child audience. Following the summer adventures of twin siblings Dipper and Mabel Pines, the show chronicles their comical and sometimes supernatural themed events during their time at camp. With Dipper voiced by Jason Ritter and Mabel voiced by Kristen Schaal, there is no wonder this show accrued a cult-like following of all ages in a short amount of time.
When choosing to cosplay as a character from Gravity Falls, going with a Wendy Corduroy Costume will be very easy. Primary costume items include her iconic trapper hat, green 3/4 sleeve top, long red wig, skinny jeans and brown cowboy boots. Secondary costume items options for either a brown and black or brown and gray trapper hat, green flannel or checkered top, and accessories. Below we have provided all the necessary items to dress up as Wendy Corduroy from Gravity Falls!

Wendy Corduroy Costume: The Basics

Brown and Black Trapper Hat.

Wendy Corduroy Brown and Black Trapper Hat.

Gray and Brown Trapper Hat.

Wendy Corduroy Gray and Brown Trapper Hat.

Long Red Wig.

Wendy Corduroy Long Red Wig.

White Undershirt.

Wendy Corduroy White Undershirt.

Green Flannel Top.

Wendy Corduroy Green Flannel Top.

Green Checkered Top.

Wendy Corduroy Green Checkered Top.

Indigo Skinny Jeans.

Wendy Corduroy Indigo Skinny Jeans.

Tan Cowboy Boots.

Wendy Corduroy Tan Cowboy Boots.

Gravity Falls Costumes: Accessories

Gravity Falls Costumes Figure Pack.

Gravity Falls Costumes Figure Pack.

Gravity Falls Costumes Guide.

Gravity Falls Costumes Fun Guide.

Mabel Plush.

Gravity Falls Mabel Plush.

Waddles Plush.

Gravity Falls Waddles Plush.

Barfing Gnome Plush.

Gravity Falls Barfing Gnome Plush.

White Gravity Falls Sweatshirt.

White Gravity Falls Sweatshirt.

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