V for Vendetta Costume: The Basics

Creating your own V for Vendetta Costume from the comic and smash hit live action movie, will be fun and iconic. The steps are simple, start with a base V for Vendetta set, add some kick-butt weapons and you will be the icon of anti-government sentiment!

Primary costume items include your choice of a base V for Vendetta set including black cape, iconic mask and wig. Optional additional items include the comic series and any other costume additions.

V for Vendetta Character Costume: The Options

V For Vendetta Set Costume Adult Halloween 2011.

Rubie’s Costume Co Dlx. V For Vendetta Cape Costume.

Vendetta Belt With 6 Daggers, Adult Std.

V For Vendetta Wig.

Rubie’s Costume Co V For Vendetta Hat.

OrangeTag Guy Fawkes V for Vendetta Adult Masks.

Rubie’s Costume Co Men’s V For Vendetta Adult Costume Gloves.

Deluxe Black Vinyl Boot Tops Costume Accessory.

Secret Wishes Sexy Womens V for Vendetta Set Cosplay Halloween Costume.

V for Vendetta Comic.

V for Vendetta [Blu-ray].

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