Toy Soldier Costume: The Basics

Creating your own Toy Soldier Costume from the Toy Story movie series will be fun and iconic. The steps are simple, start with a base set, add some toy story toys or choose from several plush options of other characters and you will be defending Andy’s room from invaders of all kinds!

Primary costume items include your choice of a base Toy Soldier costume set, green army hat, green body suit, green face paint, green military jacket and pants, green boot covers and option of toy soldier weapons and gear. Additional items include toy soldier options and an assortment of toy story merchandise and, of course, toys!

Toy Soldier Costume: The Parts

Toy Soldier Costume Parts.

Toy Soldier Costume Parts.

1. Toy Soldier Costume Options:

1a. Toy Soldier Costume Base Set

1b. Morphsuits Men’s Green Soldier Costume

1c. Green Army Man Deluxe Adult Costume

1d. Lime Green Toy Soldier Adult Costume


2. Men’s Adult Army Hat Costume Accessory

2a. Plastic Army Soldier Military Costume Helmet

2b. Jacobson Hat Company Men’s Army Helmet

3. Green Body Suit

3a. Green Body/Face Paint

4. Olive Propper Men’s Bdu Coat

5. Toy Soldier Weapons/Gear:

Military Green Paint

5a. Toy Plastic Black Binoculars

5b. Toy Grenades

5c. Military Soldier M-16 Toy Rifle

5d. Style Canvas Pack Backpack

5e. Olive Drab Canteen

6. Olive Adult’s Genuine Gear BDU Pant

7. Adult Green Latex Boot Covers Standard

Toy Story Toy Soldier Costume: Accessories

Toy Story Bucket o Soldiers

US Toy Company 7958 Large Soldier

Toy Story Costume: Toys

Toy Story Pull String Woody Figure

Buzz Lightyear Action Figure

Deluxe Talking Emperor Zurg Doll

Toy Story Pull String Jessie Figure

Toy Story Deluxe Rex Action Figure

Toy Story Deluxe Bullseye Figure

Toy Story Bullseye Plush

Slinky Dog Pull Toy

Toy Story Slinky Dog Plush

Toy Story Hamm Figure

Toy Story Hamm Plush

Toy Story Classic Mr. Potato Head

Toy Story Classic Mrs. Potato Head

Toy Story Aliens Figures

Toy Story Glow In The Dark Mini Figure Space Alien

Toy Story Barrel of Monkeys

Toy Story Lotso Figure

Lotso Lots O Huggin Bear Plush

Deluxe Big Baby Collectible Figure

Toy Story 3 Buttercup Figure

Toy Story 3 Buttercup Plush

Toy Story 3 Mr. Pricklepants Figure

Toy Story 3 Mr. Pricklepants Plush

Toy Story 3 Trixie Plush

Toy Story 3 Peas-in-a-Pod Plush

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