The magical world of the internationally renowned character Harry Potter began as the fanciful tale by author J. K. Rowling. Publishing seven books in the series, these novels came to define fantasy literature for an entire generation. The plot centers around the life of one young wizard named Harry Potter, who possessed a unique gift that saved his life when he was a young infant. After the main antagonist of the series, the Dark Lord Voldemort murdered his parents, he tried to finish off the family by killing baby Harry. When performing the killing spell, the incantation backfired and dispelled the dark Lord’s power. From then on, the boy who lived would never be the same again. Meeting his close friends and allies Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger during his first few moments of entering the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, their adventures would change the world as they knew it. The novels chronicle Harry and his friends quest to take down the dark Lord and his followers once and for all. Continually evading kill and capture they prevent the evil cult from taking over the magical and non-magical world.

Creating your own Tonks Costume will be relatively simple. Primary costume items include her iconic punk apparel, individualized magic wand and choice of colored wigs. Secondary costume items include a long pink coat and assorted magical items.

Tonks Costume: The Basics

Tonks Costume Wand.

Tonks Costume Wand.

Tonks Fake Pig Nose.

Tonks Costume Fake Pig Nose.

Pink Shirt Wig.

Tonks Costume Pink Shirt Wig.

White Short Wig.

Tonks Costume White Short Wig.

Tonks Fingerless Gloves.

Tonks Costume Fingerless Gloves.

Black Nail Polish.

Tonks Costume Black Nail Polish.

Pink Trench Coat.

Tonks Costume Pink Trench Coat.

Black Layered Skirt.

Black Layered Skirt.

Black Sheer Stockings.

Black Sheer Stockings.

Black Boots.

Tonks Costume Black Boots.

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