Tacky Tourist Costume: The Basics

Creating your own Tacky Tourist Costume will be fun and easy. The steps are simple, start with either a base set or assemble your own tourist outfit that will be perfect for a variety of occasions!

Primary costume items include your choice of a base tacky tourist costume set, option of Hawaiian print shirt, socks and sandals, and over-the-top hat. Optional additional items include a camera, binoculars, flotation devices and sun screen (for that iconic white nose fashion statement).

Tacky Tourist Costume: The Parts

1. Tacky Tourist Costume Set

2. Hawaiian Print Shirt, Flamingos

2a. Hawaiian Print Shirt, Parrots

2b. Hawaiian Print Shirt, Flowers

3. Khaki Shorts

4. Tall White Socks

5. Unisex Sandals

6. Hat Options:

6a. Straw Hat

6b. Hawaiian Print Straw Hat

6c. Safari Hat

6d. Pith Helmet

7. Water Gun Camera

8. Prop Binoculars

9. Fanny Pack (multiple colors available)

10. Cocoanut Cup

11. Tacky Sunglasses Options:

11a. Parrot Sunglasses

11b. Margarita Sunglasses

11c. Flamingo Sunglasses

12. Tacky Headband:

12a. Palm Tree Headband

12b. Flamingo Headband

13. Sun Screen

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