Steve Zissou Costume: The Basics

Creating your own Steve Zissou Costume from the movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou will be fun and iconic. The steps are simple, start with a base blue shirt and pants, add some blue and white adidas with yellow shoelaces and go out there shark hunting!

Primary costume items include a base blue short-sleeve button-up dress shirt, blue pants, iconic red beanie and The Life Aquatic movie accurate patches. Optional additional items include the movie itself, music soundtrack and additional patch options.

Steve Zissou Costume: The Parts

Steve Zissou Costume Parts.

Steve Zissou Costume Parts.

1. Base Steve Zissou Red Beanie

1a. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou Knit Hat Stoplight Red Beanie Costume

2. Light Blue Short-Sleeve Button Up Shirt

3. Light Blue/Ceil Pants

4. Right Thigh Gun Holster

4a. Crosman Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol

5. Steve Zissou Blue and White Sneakers

5a. Yellow Shoe Laces

6. Steve Zissou Accessories:

6a. The Life Aquatic Team Zissou Embroidered Logo and Ballcap Costume Set Patch

6b. The Life Aquatic Team Zissou Master Frogman Embroidered Patch

6c. Team Zissou T-Shirt

6d. The Life Aquatic T Shirt

7. The Life Aquatic Movie

7a. The Life Aquatic: Studio Sessions

7b. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (Criterion Collection)

7b. Wooden Model Fishing Boat

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