Snake Eyes Costume: The Basics

Creating your own Snake Eyes Costume will be fun and iconic! The steps are simple, start with a base Snake Eyes set, add some weapons and you will be ready to defend the U.S.A.!

Primary costume items include your choice of a base Snake Eyes set options. Optional additional items include figures and weapons seen in the series!

Snake Eyes Costume: The Parts

Men’s Deluxe Bodysuit Gi Joe Snake Eyes Fancy Dress Costume.

Disguise Men’s Snake Eyes Classic Muscle Adult Costume.

Adult Men’s Black GI Ninja Snake Eye Costume.

Deluxe Adult G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Gloves, Adult.

Rikio Fighter Black Jikatabi.

Disguise Hasbro GI Joe Movie Blade Of Justice Sword Costume Accessory.

Snake Eyes Sword, 31 Inches.

Hardwood Datio Bokken Kendo Practice Sword (Set of 2).

Katana Bokken Shinai Foam Sword Mini Nylon Carrying Case.

G.I. Joe Ninja Stars.

G.I. Joe Retaliation Twin Sais Costume.

G.I.JOE Snake Eyes Ninja Clan Red & Black Logo Patch.

Snake Eyes Symbol G.I. Joe Ninja, Black and Silver.

G.I.JOE Snake Eyes Ninja Clan Red & Silver Logo Patch.

Men’s Hasbro The Snake Fleece Hoodie.

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