Silent Hill Nurse Costume: The Basics

Creating your own Silent Hill Nurse Costume will be a little difficult, but tons of fun. The most complex component is finding a base nurse dress set, then making it as terrifying as possible!

Primary costume items include a template nurse dress or costume kit, vintage nurse hat, plain white heels, guaze to wrap around your face (making sure to leave eye holes!), fake blood and option of rusted prop knife or other menacing weapon. As an optional additional item we have included a comedically large syringe with prop needle that you can fill with a bit of prop blood for an added terrifying prop.

Silent Hill Nurse Costume: The Parts

Silent Hill Nurse Costume Parts.

Silent Hill Nurse Costume Parts.

1. Nurse Costume Base

1a. White Dress Option

2. Vintage Nurse Hat

3. White Heels

4. Gauze Face-Wrap

5. Fake Blood

6. Rusted Fake Knife

7. Prop Syringe

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