Creating your own Rei Ayanami Costume from the classic Anime show Neon Genesis Evangelion will be iconic and a great option for a group cosplay!

The Character:

Strikingly quiet and disconcertingly calm, Rei Ayanami is the Eva pilot for Unit Zero. She is the longest-running pilot for the NERV organization and holds a special place in the heart of it’s commander, Gendo Ikari, much to the confusion and jealousy to his son and the second Eva pilot Shinji Ikari. Rei remains much of an enigma for the majority of Neon Genesis Evangelion but her influence on the anime’s plot and the mecha genre as a whole cannot be understated. Saving Shinji’s life multiple times, she proves herself a capable pilot and an integral part in saving humanity from the Angel invaders.

Rei Ayanami Costume Parts:

  1. Outfit Options:
    1. School Outfit:
      1. Schoolgirl Cosplay Costume
      1. Tall White Socks
      1. Black School Shoes
      1. Wig
      1. Bandages
      1. Red Contacts
    1. Eva Plugsuit (White)
      1. Hair Clips, White
White Plugsuit
Schoolgirl Outfit
Tall White Socks
Spear of Loginus Key Chain
Pale Blue Wig
Hairclips, White
White Plug Suit Shoes
Bandages, White
Black School Shoes

Neon Genesis Evangelion Background:

Created by Hideaki Anno, this iconic anime started with the original series titled Neon Genesis Evangelion, the show premiered in Japan in 1995 and instantly became a staple for mecha anime fans and an international social phenomenon. Both a critic and fan revered show, Evangelion pioneered a lot of the topics and styles that we see today in the mecha genre. Centering around the story’s main character Shinji Ikari, he is a fourteen year old boy who is faced with the choice to pilot an enigmatic mecha suit called and Eva for a military style research and defense agency called NERV or to watch as humanity is destroyed by massive Angel creatures invading his world. This anime explores not only a daunting amount of science and tactical analysis required to face cosmic level threats, but the psychology behind the trauma the process inflicts on the child pilots.

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