Pirate Wench Costume: The Basics

Creating your own historical Pirate Wench Costume will be fun and easy! When it comes to Wenches, going the pirate route is a great option for any swashbuckling girl or guy! The steps are simple, start with a base Pirate Wench set, add some accessories and you will be ready to fit into any pirate themed party or event!

Primary items include your choice of a base Pirate Wench set and accessories. Optional additional items include and and all seaward people themed items!

Pirate Wench Character: The Parts

California Women’s Pirate Wench Adult.

Women’s Sexy Swashbuckler Pirate Set.

Wicked Costumes Caribbean Pirate Wench Ladies Fancy Dress Medium.

Baroque Pirate Wench Adult Set.

Women’s Tavern Maiden Set.

Women’s Renaissance Wench Adult.

Women’s Plus Size Tavern Maiden Set.

Culture Women’s Peasant Lady Set.

Pirate Wench Peasant Renaissance Medieval Costume Corset Bodice [Blue].

Shaper Corset Renaissance Pirate Chemise Peasant Blouse.

Pirate Belt.

Charades Women’s Natural Pirate Lady Vixen Blouse.

Deluxe Boot Covers Accessory.

Pirate Sword Costume Accessory.

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