Creating your own Number Five Costume from the hit Umbrella Academy show will be pretty simple and a great option for a group cosplay or a couple cosplay with Dolores!

The Character:

The Boy, or as his adoptive siblings simply refer to him as “five” introduces the enigmatic element known as “The Commission’” into the plot. His powers allow him to teleport, and as he discovers not just through space, but also time. He is absent for the first part of the show as the other character believe him dead after he transports himself across time as a child not to be seen again until the other academy members are grown adults. It is him who, after returning to his siblings present, and Five’s past, relays to them about the impending apocalyptic event. Not knowing who or what causes the end of days, he desperately seeks out clues to preventing the death of everyone he knows and loves.

Number Five Costume Parts:

  • Academy Outfit:
    • Black and White Eye mask
    • Umbrella academy logo blazer + matching shorts
    • White shirt
    • Black tie
    • Plaid sweater
    • Black belt
    • Tall socks
    • Oxford laced shoes
    • Other Additions:
      • Female mannequin
      • Mixed drink with umbrella
      • Prosthetic glass eye
Female Mannequin
White Polka Dot Shirt
Umbrella Academy Costume, Boys
Superhero Mask, Black
Black Oxford Shoes
Prosthetic Eye

Number Five Costume, Other Character Facts:

  • Alias: Also known as “The Boy,” he is the only member of the academy who does not have another name with the surname Hargreeves.
  • Spoilerific extras: Five describes his time transported to the future as an apocalyptic wasteland, his only comfort being the presence of alcohol and the love of his life “Dolores.” As the show progresses, you find that Dolores is the upper body of a female mannequin that he finds in a partially destroyed clothing store and travels with to provide himself some semblance of friendship in the barren, lifeless, wasteland that is the future. He grows to be a haggard older man, before being approached by a member of “The Commission,” an end-game organization of time travelers that ensure that history goes as planned by building and destroying empires in order to keep ‘the balance’ of society as we know it. Becoming a successful assassin for this organization, he works to control his powers allowing him to return to his own time and family, but trapped in the body of his 15 year old self.
  • Portrayed by: Aidan Gallagher

The Umbrella Academy Background:

The Umbrella Academy has amassed massive popularity with the debut of the 2019 Netflix series, inspired by the comic series written by My Chemical Romances’ Gerard Way and illustrated by Gabriel Bá. Currently, the series is comprised of 3 volumes, titled Apocalypse Suite, Dallas and Hotel Oblivion. Initial comic release spanned from 2006 to as recently as this year. A hit Netflix adaptation premiered in February 2009 and its massive popularity is showing no sign of slowing down.

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