Michael Myers is perhaps one of the most notorious horror movie characters in cinema history. The main character of the hit slasher series “Halloween” his pale masked face and invincibility has made him an icon for decades. This makes him an excellent cosplay option for creating your own Michael Myers Costume.

Michael Myers Costume: The Basics


Creating your own Michael Myers costume will be relatively simple, as long as you disregard the body type specification. Primary costume items include:

1. Michael Myers Mask: You literally cannot have the costume recognizable without this integral piece.

2. Navy Jumpsuit: Like we said, creating a Michael Myers costume is pretty easy, this being one of the main parts. Note: to be accurate the jumpsuit must be long sleeved with two breast pockets and a vertical button cover.

3. White undershirt / Black undershirt: Jumpsuits can be scratchy, take our word for it.

4. Slasher Knife: We know that once your all dressed like the infamous homicidal maniac Michael Myers, you will want to play the part by creepily stalking someone. To be a sight that causes pure terror, you will need the appropriately large slasher knife.

5. Black Boots: The intimidation factors drops drastically when you run after your victim in sneakers. Don’t be that guy, get the truly menacing boots.

Other optional items include:

  • Fake Blood: Spice up the costume with a bit of authentic fake blood.