Magnum PI Costume: The Basics

Creating your own Magnum PI Costume from the hit TV series starring Tom Selleck, will be fun and iconic. The steps are simple, start with a base set, add some Magnum PI accessories and you will be the best private investigator in Oahu!

Primary costume items include your choice of a base Magnum PI Costume Hawiian Shirt, wig set and other PI accessories. Optional additional items include the Magnum PI series on DVD.

Magnum PI Costume: The Parts

1. Magnum P.I. Hawaiian Shirt Options:

Jungle Bird Magnum PI Tom Selleck Red Costume Shirt and Ha

Paradise Found Jungle Bird Red Tom Selleck Magnum PI Hawaiian Shirt

Paradise Found Star Orchid Black Tom Selleck Magnum PI #2 Hawaiian Shirt

Paradise Found Jungle Bird Black Tom Selleck Magnum PI Hawaiian Shirt

Men Short Sleeve Front-Pocket Cherry Parrot Red

2. Magnum PI Costume Tom Selleck Baseball Caps:

Magnum PI Costume Hat

Detroit Tigers MVP Adjustable Cap

Magnum P.I. Ball Cap Hat Camo OD Version

Hawaii Hat Camo Magnum PI

Magnum PI Hat Beanie

3. Tom Selleck Wig Set and Sunglasses:

Big John Wig-Moustache/Goatee Costume

Aviator Polarized Sunglasses

4. Tom Selleck Magnum P.I. Other Accessories:

Khaki One Size Canvas Military Web Belt With Silver Slider Buckle

Novelty Adhesive Mustache Set

Magnum P.I. Accessories:

Hot Wheels Magnum, P.I. Ferrari 308 GTS QV Die Cast Car

Hasegawa Ferrari 328 GTS Model Kit 1:24 Scale

Magnum P.I.: The Complete Series

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