Creating your own Luther Hargreeves Costume from the hit Umbrella Academy show will be pretty simple and a great option for a group cosplay or a couple cosplay with Allison Hargreeves!

The Character:

Luther is the leader and most devoted member of the Umbrella Academy, constantly trying to make his father proud no matter the level of self-sacrifice.  His bulky physique makes him incredibly strong physically, but as we find out does not shield him from the emotional damage inflicted upon him by Sir Reginald. He harbors a childhood love for his adopted sister Allison, making her his motivation to keep going and try to save the world long after he looses all hope in those around him.

Luther Hargreeves Costume Parts:

  • Adult Outfit:
    • Bulky muscle suit
    • Light green/tan button up, long-sleeve shirt with collar
    • Fingerless black gloves
    • Grey turtleneck
    • Tan/Brown boots
Muscle Suit Costume
Wool Grey Shirt.
Cotton Fingerless Gloves
Brown Boots
Tan, Long-Sleeve, Collared, Button-Up Shirt.
Gray Turtleneck
Gray Wool Coat
Jeans, Gray

Luther Hargreeves Costume, Other Character Facts:

  • Alias: Also known as “Spaceboy” and “Number One.”
  • Spoilerific extras: Also nick-named “Space-boy” Luther spends several years on the moon collecting samples to send home thinking that he is on some grand research mission that will help prevent the apocalypse. As he finds out, this was a ploy by his adoptive father to shield him from the world after his is almost killed and subsequently disfigured after being sent on a failed mission alone, as the last member of the Academy who remains loyal to The Monocle.
  • Portrayed by: Tom Hopper

The Umbrella Academy Background:

The Umbrella Academy has amassed massive popularity with the debut of the 2019 Netflix series, inspired by the comic series written by My Chemical Romances’ Gerard Way and illustrated by Gabriel Bá. Currently, the series is comprised of 3 volumes, titled Apocalypse Suite, Dallas and Hotel Oblivion. Initial comic release spanned from 2006 to as recently as this year. A hit Netflix adaptation premiered in February 2009 and its massive popularity is showing no sign of slowing down.

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