Link Costume: The Basics

Creating your own Link Costume from the Legend of Zelda game series will be fun and iconic. The steps are simple, start with a base set and add a variety of screen accurate accessories and strut your stuff!

Primary costume items include your choice of base Link costume set, blonde wig options, Master Sword options, Hylian Shield options, iconic green cap and boots. Optional additional items include any and all LOZ related gear, figures, games and more!

Link Costume: The Parts

1. Link Costume Sets:

1a. Legend of Zelda Link Cosplay

1b. Zelda Twilight Princess Link Cosplay Costume

1c. Adult Link Costume

1d. Shadow Link Dark Costume Set

1e. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Link Costume Dress

2. Link Pointed Ears

3. Link Wig Options:

3a. Short Blonde Wig

3b. Skyward Sword Link Wig

4. Link Green Hat Options:

4a. Anime Link Green Hat

4b. Dark Green Long Hat

5. The Master Sword Options:

5b. Master Sword Leather Belt Strap

5c. Anime Twilight Princess Master Sword and Scabbard

5d. Video Game Link Foam Master Sword

5e. Shadow Link Foam Master Sword

5f. Shadow Link Black Sword Belt

5g. Black and White Hylian Shield

6. Hylian Shield Options:

6a. Hylian Shield

6b. Hard Plastic Hylian Shield

6c. Hylian Foam LARP Shield

6d. Shadow Link Foam Hylian Shield

7. Brown Boot Options:

7a. Tall Brown Boots with Cuff

8. Brown Fingerless Gloves

Link Nintendo Costume: Accessories

Ocarina of Time Link Costume Dress

Zelda Blue Ceramic Ocarina

Ocarina Pouch

Leather Brown Suede Belt Pouch

Link Plush

Zelda Plush

Tingle Plush

Link’s Lawn Service T-Shirt

It’s Dangerous to go Alone T-Shirt

Link Hoodie

Hyrule Warriors Hoodie

Legend of Zelda Messenger Bag

Zelda Quilted Wallet

Legend of Zelda Beanie

Hyrule Hystoria

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