Creating your own Klaus Hargreeves Costume from the hit Umbrella Academy show will be pretty simple and a great option for a group cosplay or a duo cosplay with David or Ben!

The Character:

Klaus has arguable become the most popular character of the group with the premiering of the Netflix adaptation. He is a brazen, lovable, and consistently ‘real’ person as well as a compelling and interesting part of the academy. His powers allow him to commune with the dead, and as he grows and realizes his full potential, so much more. Throughout the show he is a recovering drug addict that does anything he can to silence the voices of the tortured souls that only he can hear. Most times a loner, he is thrown into events that allows him to find love and gives him something to fight for.

Klaus Hargreeves Costume Parts:

  • Adult Outfit:
    • Beach scene sleeveless tee
    • Leather-look side laced pants
    • Sleeveless torn green shirt
    • Cigarettes
    • Dog tags
    • Grey fur jacket
    • Black leather skirt
    • Converse, black
    • Pink rim, transparent umbrella
Pink Rim, Transparent Umbrella
Grey Jacket
Flare Leather Skirt
Fake Cigarettes
Punk Leather Boots
Island Sunset Tee
Tranquil Island Scene Iron-On Shirt Patch
Green Sleeveless Tee
Leather-Look Pants
Costume Dog Tags
Black Brief Case
Black Converse

Klaus Hargreeves Costume, Other Character Facts:

  • Alias: Also known as “The Séance” and “Number Four.”
  • Spoilerific extras: As the first season progresses, Klaus finds one of The Commission’s time travelling briefcases and is transported back into the Vietnam era war for 10 months. Here, he falls in love with a fellow soldier named Dave who dies tragically on the front lines. This event inspires him to get clean in the hopes of controlling his powers and seeing his love again.
  • Portrayed by: Robert Sheehan

The Umbrella Academy Background:

The Umbrella Academy has amassed massive popularity with the debut of the 2019 Netflix series, inspired by the comic series written by My Chemical Romances’ Gerard Way and illustrated by Gabriel Bá. Currently, the series is comprised of 3 volumes, titled Apocalypse Suite, Dallas and Hotel Oblivion. Initial comic release spanned from 2006 to as recently as this year. A hit Netflix adaptation premiered in February 2009 and its massive popularity is showing no sign of slowing down.

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