Creating your own Hazel Costume from the hit Umbrella Academy show will be pretty simple and a great option for a duo cosplay with Cha-Cha!

The Character:

Depicted in the show as a conflicted anti-villian, Hazel is introduced as an agent from The Commission that, after years of acting on the orders of others, wants to live his own life making his own decisions. Along with his partner, Cha-Cha, he is one of the most skilled time-traveling assassins that the Commission sends after their most challenging cases. As his character develops, you find that he longs after the simpler things in life, including donuts and bird watching. He ultimately is faced with the dilemma that part of his job is to ensure the apocalypse occurs, while he’s just starting to think that he wants to be a part of the world he’s about to lose.

Portrayed by: Cameron Britton

Hazel Costume Parts:

  • Regular Character outfit:
    • Signature Mask
    • Dark Blue Suit
    • White Shirt
    • Black Tie
    • Prop Gun
    • Black dress shoes
    • Large, Black Briefcase
Mens Blue Suit
White Shirt + Black Tie
Prop Shot-Gun
Donut Socks
Hazel Mask
Mens Black Dress Shoes
Black Briefcase
Birdwatching Guide

The Umbrella Academy Background:

The Umbrella Academy has amassed massive popularity with the debut of the 2019 Netflix series, inspired by the comic series written by My Chemical Romances’ Gerard Way and illustrated by Gabriel Bá. Currently, the series is comprised of 3 volumes, titled Apocalypse Suite, Dallas and Hotel Oblivion. Initial comic release spanned from 2006 to as recently as this year. A hit Netflix adaptation premiered in February 2009 and its massive popularity is showing no sign of slowing down.

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