Hamburglar Costume: The Basics

Creating your own Hamburglar Costume will be fun and iconic! The steps are simple, start with a base black and white stripe set, add some hamburger craze and you’re ready to go!

Primary costume items include your choice of a base Hamburglar Costume, balck and white striped shirt, red tie, black flat brim hat and cape. Optional additional items include options of McDonalds merchandise.

Hamburglar Costume: The Parts

Hamburglar Costume

1. Hamburglar Costume Set:

Fast Food Burger Thief

Starline Women’s Hamburger Thief Costume

Hamburglar PVC Mask

2. Black and White Stripe Outfit Options:

2a. Men’s Burglar Costume

2b. Black White Strips Footless Ankle Length Leggings

2c. Women Scoop Neck Long Sleeve T Shirt Striped Tunic

2d. Wide Stripes Thigh High Stockings

2e. Women’s Opaque Stripes Arm Warmer

2f. Women’s Long Sleeve Stripe Pattern T-Shirt Loose Casual Tops

3. Black Flat-Brim Hat

3a. Yellow Sash

4. Black Eye-Mask

4a. Orange Wig

5. Red Gloves

6. Reversible Black & Gold 24″ Star Cape & Cuffs

6a. Black and Gold Full-Length Cape

7. Personalized Hamburger Retro Skinny Neckties

7a. Solid red polyester tie

7b. Hamburger Patch

7c. Colored Metal Hamburger Square Tie Clip

8. Red and White Sneakers

Hamburglar Costume: Accessories

Cheeseburger Costume (make it a couples costume with this simple addition!)

McDonald’s Exclusive Playing Cards

McDonalds McDonaldland Hamburglar Variant 2008 SDCC Exclusive

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