Blossom Costume: The Basics

Creating your own Powerpuff Girls Blossom Costume featured in the hit Cartoon Network show will be fun and iconic. The steps are simple, start with a base Powerpuff Girl Blossom set, add some powerpuff themed accessories and you will be defending Townsville!

Primary costume items include your choice of a base Blossom option, wig, dress and shoe option. Optional additional items include any other Cartoon Network costumes to make this a great group cosplay.

Blossom Character Costume: The Parts

Blossom Powerpuff Girl Costume.

26″ Straight Orange Cosplay Wig.

Grosgrain Ribbon Bows with Alligator Clip, Red.

Leg Avenue Petticoat.

Women Denier Semi Opaque Tights, White.

Bella Marie Stacy Women’s flat dancing shoes.

Easy USA Women’s Cotton Mary Jane Shoes Ballerina Ballet Flats Shoes.

Powerpuff Girls Costumes: Accessories

The Powerpuff Girls: The Complete Series – 10th Anniversary Collection.

Bubbles Blossom Buttercup 8 Inch Stuffed Plush Toys 3 Pcs/set.

NEW 2016! Powerpuff Girls Blossom Belle Action Doll Figurine by Cartoon Network.

NEW 2016! Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Rebelle Action Doll Figurine by Cartoon Network.

NEW 2016! Powerpuff Girls Bubbles Bulle Action Doll Figurine by Cartoon Network.

Powerpuff Girls Flip to Action Playset.

Powerpuff Girls, Set of 3, Buttercup-Rebelle, Bubbles-Bulle and Blossom-Belle.

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