Creating your own Ben Hargreeves Costume from the hit Umbrella Academy show will be pretty simple and a great option for a group cosplay or a duo cosplay with Klaus!

The Character:

While Ben, does not have that large of a role in the first season of the show, we have very high hopes for the future as his presence is continually recognized by Klaus and his presence becomes amplified with the conclusion of the first season. He is seen and heard by the audience through Klaus’s eyes and ears as the moral compass and conscience to the drug addled Séance. As a child, you see him use his powers and gaining the alias of ‘The Horror’ as he can release monstrous tentacles from his body to destroy everything and everyone around him. Grotesque for a young child, but has devastating effect when surrounded by assassins sent by The Commission when the academy members try to prevent the apocalypse.

Ben Hargreeves Costume Parts:

  • Adult Outfit:
    • Assorted hoodies
    • Black leather jacket
    • Dark jeans
    • Tentacles
Dark Jeans
Converse, Assorted Colors
Black Leather Jacker
Hoodie, Black
Tentacle Finger Puppets

Ben Hargreeves Costume, Other Character Facts:

  • Alias: Also known as “The Horror” and “Number Six.”
  • Spoilerific extras: When Klaus leans to better control his powers, he is able to materialize Ben and allow him to use his powers of monstrous tentacles to save the group from an onslaught of Commission assassins who are trying to stop them from disrupting Vanya and preventing the apocalypse.
  • Portrayed by: Justin H. Min

The Umbrella Academy Background:

The Umbrella Academy has amassed massive popularity with the debut of the 2019 Netflix series, inspired by the comic series written by My Chemical Romances’ Gerard Way and illustrated by Gabriel Bá. Currently, the series is comprised of 3 volumes, titled Apocalypse Suite, Dallas and Hotel Oblivion. Initial comic release spanned from 2006 to as recently as this year. A hit Netflix adaptation premiered in February 2009 and its massive popularity is showing no sign of slowing down.

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