Barney Rubble Costume: The Basics

Creating your own Barney Rubble cartoon or movie costume will be relatively easy and tons of fun. Start with a base costume set, add a few iconic props from the cartoon or movie and you will be yabba dabba done!

Primary costume items include a Barney Rubble Costume Set, option of blonde wig, Bone hair clip, iconic caveman club and flesh tone flip-flops. Optional additional items include the Flintstones cartoon box set, The Flintstones movie and other show props!

Barney Rubble Costume: The Parts

Barney Rubble Costume Parts.

Barney Rubble Costume Parts.

1. Barney Rubble Costume Set

1a. Barney Rubble Alternate Costume Set

1b. Barney Rubble Mascot Costume

1c. Barney Rubble Latex Mask

1d. Barney Rubble Fabric Mask

2. Barney Rubble Blonde Wig

3. Men’s Flesh Tone Flip-Flops

Extra Items and Accessories:

Bag of Bones

Fred Flintstone Plush

Dino Plush

Barney Rubble Plush

The Flintstones Cartoon Box Set

The Flintstones Movie

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